Blue and Gold Banquetc

Feb 27 2016 - 6:00pm
Feb 27 2016 - 7:00pm

Blue and Gold cake bake rules

Posted on Feb 8 2019 - 10:21pm

Cake Bake Rules

  1. Cakes/cupcakes must be baked and decorated by the Cub Scout with the aid of a parent/guardian or grandparent. You can make a cake, cupcakes, or a combination both, to create your work of art.

Blue and Gold Dinner

Feb 16 2008 - 2:00pm
Feb 16 2008 - 5:00pm
St. James Methodist Church

Blue and Gold is coming!

Posted on Jan 31 2019 - 6:27pm







Blue and Gold potluck signup

Posted on Jan 31 2019 - 6:22pm

Please sign up to bring a dish. The Pack will provide the main course (turkey, ham, a meatball/pasta dish, and mashed potatoes with gravy). We've added some choices of things we would prefer you sign up for so everyone doesn't bring the same thing.  

Blue and Gold reminders

Posted on Feb 22 2019 - 11:36am

Hi everyone,

    We're excited to see everyone Saturday (2/23) for the big event, here are the last minute reminders:

Blue and Gold sign-up reminders and Cake Bake rules

Posted on Feb 17 2020 - 10:05pm

Hi everyone,

    I hope you all had a great long weekend, I wanted to thank everyone for signing up for the pot luck, but we're missing a lot of RSVPs with headcount.   
For everyone who has not signed up to bring a dish, that sign up is here:

Blue and Gold sign-ups

Posted on Feb 3 2020 - 5:02pm

Hi everyone,
    As I noted at last week's pack meeting, here is the sign-up sheet for the banquet portion of our celebration:

Please *also* email the pack:   pack103kingston@gmail.com    with headcount (ideally separated youth/adult counts).    


Blue and Gold timeline

Posted on Feb 23 2018 - 6:12pm

Hi everyone,

    The blue and gold is rapidly approaching, and hopefully, everyone is excited.  The scouts have been working hard and it's time to celebrate their effort and recognize those who have reached the end of the Cub Scouting program and will be leaving us to bridge into Boy Scouts.  I'm beyond proud of all of them, and everything achieved so far this year.  
    With that said, a quick recap of the timetable.  The pack would like every family who attends to have a representative help with either setup or cleanup so the leaders won't have to do everything.  
Setup will begin at 2:00 pm to help arrange cover and decorate the tables; setup chairs; and help with organizing food.   Please have your scouts bring their uniform so it doesn't get dirty during setup, they'll have time to change.  
The event will begin as close to 3:30 as possible, if you're not planning to help setup, please try to be here around 3:15.   Please have your scouts wear as much of their uniform as possible, and worn properly (i.e. shirts tucked in).  
Around 4:30 we will relocate from the Sanctuary to the main meeting room for the dinner to be followed by the auction.  
Please try to stay until after the cake bake has concluded as this is a significant fundraiser for the pack which helps to allow families to join scouting or send scouts to camp who might not be able to afford it.  I expect this to wrap up around 7, if you were unable to help with setup, we'd appreciate help with cleanup - all the tables, chairs and food areas will need to be picked up.  
A few other notes:
1) Please bring a checkbook for the auction, it will make our accounting much easier than cash.  
2) Please bring an ingredient card for the cakes to prevent allergy concerns.  (Rules are posted on the webpage:  https://kingston103.mypack.us/node/5509 )
3) Please bring serving utensils (if needed) for your potluck dish, as the Pack may not have enough.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I hope to see you all this weekend!


Blue and Gold/Cake Bake Theme (Feb 25)

Posted on Dec 9 2016 - 11:38pm

Hi everyone,
    It's not too soon to start planning for our annual cake bake auction.  Like last year, we're going to hold our auction at our Blue and Gold Dinner on February 25th.  This year's theme for the event will be "Cub Scouting", meaning your cake can be themed after anything to do with scouting (hiking, camping, fishing, service, etc).  Rules will be sent out closer to the event.